Kim Cornicello - Business manager and photography assistant


I was born into a long line of artists, but have spent much of my life in the business world. 

I owned a sound studio and a catering company in the decade after college. I fancied owning a charming little bed & breakfast, and even managed one in Virginia for a short time. But my love was financial planning and it eventually became my career for 20 years. 

As John's portrait photography became more and more sought after, it was time for me to revisit my small business skills, leave the financial planning profession, and join John to help with the day-to-day studio activities. We are having a blast together! 

When you come to our Seattle studio for a portrait or headshot session, it IS like visiting a bed & breakfast for a few hours. Our place is yours--you will have time to relax. We'll look over the wardrobe pieces you bring and design the photography session together. We'll help you with the posing and movement. We love to laugh. And we have a large vase full of clown noses that almost always make their way into a photo or two.


Come over and enjoy the experience. Call us at 206-547-5788 or email to to set up your personal photo experience. What are you waiting for? Celebrate yourself! 

Cornicello Photography • Seattle WA USA • 206.547.5788