Be one with your camera!

Be one with your camera!

A collection of articles I've written over the past few years.

Most of these will open in a new window or download a PDF file.

Aspect Ratio -- Why can't you print a full-frame image on standard paper sizes?

File Size -- What is the file size of my image?

Resolution -- What does 300dpi mean? Nothing--at least on its own...

Sensor Stuff -- What is a crop factor? Why can't I sync with a flash at higher shutter speeds?

Lighting Notes -- PDF from a presentation to the Eastside Camera Club in June 2012

How to Photograph Fireworks -- A FREE class on photographing fireworks I presented for creativeLIVE. Watch it on YouTube.

Other helpful files:

Scan Resolution -- Chart to help translate between uncompressed file sizes/DIP/dimensions.
Example: an 8x10" file at 300 dpi = 20.6M. A 5x7 at 200 dpi = 4.01M (sorry, I don't know the source of this file for attribution.)