Endometriosis awareness

Living In Pain

This week I got to work with one of my favorite people. Invy Rose is a model I've worked with many times over the years. Always happy and smiling and working hard. Until recently I was totally unaware of the pain she endures every day. Some posts on social media brought up the topic of her chronic pain from endometriosis and we reached out to each other to talk about a photo project to help bring more awareness to the issue.

There is no cure


According to Wikipedia, "Endometriosis is a condition in which the layer of tissue that normally covers the inside of the uterus, grows outside it." It goes on to say that, "There is no cure for endometriosis, but a number of treatments may improve symptoms. This may include pain medication, hormonal treatments, or surgery. " Invy has had some surgeries, but the pain continues. "Endometriosis affected 10.8 million as of 2015. This is roughly 6–10% of women."

Shown here are some images from our first photo session. We plan on another session in the near future. I also asked Invy to talk a  bit about what she has been going through.

"I'm actually dealing with my endo really bad right now. Ever since the surgery my hormones have been off and the pain today is horrible and getting worse .

"I really want women and girls out there to know that they are not alone. Endometriosis is a disease that people don't like to talk about because it has to do with menstruation. It's kept in the dark and not many people are open about it. That's why more women suffer longer and don't get answers because they think the pain is 'normal period pain.' 

"I was told that (normal period pain) for most of my early teens until I was diagnosed at 17, just out of high school. Since then I have had surgeries to take the endometriosis out. I have also had so many treatments to help the pain, including 20 different kinds of birth control medication. I would get a catheter to inject DMSO treatments directly into my bladder once a week for 12 weeks to help my bladder pain. But it never helped the pain. I went to bladder specialist, G.I. specialist, gynecologist, and pain management doctors for years. 

"Something that you don't often hear about endometriosis is that it affects your immune system because it is sort of an auto immune disease. Some women have iron deficiencies as well as low blood sugar. That's why it can be really hard to manage because you have to change your whole lifestyle and eating habits. I think more women need to be open about endometriosis and their pain so some day we can have a cure. Right now it's an incurable disease and not many woman even know they have endometriosis. That's why I'm trying to bring more awareness to this horribly painful disease." --Invy Rose August 2017

Solstice Cyclists in Seattle

It is that time of year again for body paint and bicycles (and skateboards and skates)

For many years now the Summer Solstice Parade in fremont (Seattle) has been crashed by a growing number of body-painted (and sometimes naked) cyclists. The real parade is a wonderful spectacle put on by the Fremont Arts Council (who have nothing to do with the cyclists who take over the parade route for a short time before the actual parade starts).


For another many years I have set up a portable studio to capture the look and spirit of the riders once they are painted and on their way to their bicycles. I have no idea how many cyclists actually participate, as there are a number of private locations where people meet up to paint each other. I can only be in one place at a time, so present this gallery from one of the painting locations. I've seen estimates range from 700-1000+ riders. Here are only a very few of them.

After the portraits in the gallery I have also included some photos from the ride itself and the after party at Gasworks Park. Such a joy to see joyous naked non-sexualized dancing and frolicking through the park. It seems so natural to see the painted bodies casually strewn through the crowds with no one freaking out. After a while everyone blends in together into a beautiful scene. Wandering the neighborhood over the next couple of days is quite a let down as one notices all the painted bodies are missing.

How do you celebrate?


Tis The Season

Making a list and checking it twice...

We recently had the great pleasure to work with the man himself, Santa Claus. We were hired as the photographers for a Santa Brunch at a nearby golf club. During the course of the brunch we photographed about 65 families with Santa. Each family got to take home a  5x7 color print in a folder and got the option to order more prints from our online gallery for the holidays.

A High-Five for Santa!

A High-Five for Santa!

If you are looking to have Santa (or Easter, or any special event) posed photographs and prints please contact us. We can print on site, make the photos available for purchase after the event, or both.

During a short break in the photo action I got my chance to talk to the old guy and go over my list. What's on your list?


Happy Holidays!
John & Kim



New company and show in Seattle

Hot on the heels of leaving ACT, Mark Siano has a new company and a new show, Bohemia. The show opens in September in the Café Nordo space in Pioneer Square (Seattle, WA). We recently had the opportunity to meet the cast to create promotional images for the show. You can find more information about the show and purchase your tickets at www.bit.ly/bohemiatix In the meantime, please enjoy the photographs.


Sorry about that interloper in the last photo!

Please keep us in mind for your next photo project. Thanks!

Classic Look Headshots

Classic Dressing for Headshots - the black jacket and white dress shirt

Nearly every client asks us for wardrobe ideas ~ what looks best in photos. We encourage everyone to bring a variety of clothing choices to their photo session. Bring some of your favorite pieces, for sure (you'll likely look the most relaxed in those). And, bring the classic looks too. It's surprising how many people don't  think they want any photos in such a classic look, but then they're surprised at how crisp and fresh (and professional) they look in those photos. 

Thank you!! Y’all did a phenomenal job! [My photos] look GREAT!
— Jennifer


Meredith came to us for photos to be used on her upcoming book jacket. Both charming and elegant, we captured some candid moments as well as her professional photos.

I have to thank both of you for taking what I thought would be a nerve-wracking process and transforming it into something so positive, so enjoyable, and so fun! And your pictures really capture something of me... I’m so grateful for your work!
— Meredith


On the road to NYC

Our latest collaboration with ACT Theatre in Seattle was for the acclaimed show Threesome by By Yussef El Guindi as it heads out of Seattle to play in New York City at 59E59 from July 11 to August 23, 2015. It also sparked a Seattle Times article about nudity on the theatrical stage.


"Leila and Rashid, Egyptian Americans with ties to Cairo, attempt to solve their relationship issues by inviting a relative stranger into their bedroom to engage in a threesome. What begins as a hilariously awkward evening soon becomes an experience fraught with secrets, raising issues of sexism, possession and independence."


It has been a wonderful few years that we have been able to work with Mark Siano at ACT, and now we congratulate him and wish him great success as he leaves ACT to run his own publicity agency and to produce his own shows. Look for a post about his new show Bohemia in the near future.

Thanks, Mark!


Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Theatrical Promo Photos

ACT Theatre, Seattle WA

It is always a pleasure to work with the folks at ACT. This past spring I worked with them on photos to promote their 25th anniversary production of Tennessee Williams' play Cat on a Hot Tin Roof. This photo session produced one of the billboards our photos have been appearing on around Seattle.


Here are a few more images from the session


We love working with theatre groups. Let us know if we can be of service to you for your next production.