Musician's Association of Seattle

A Wall of Woodwinds!

The Musicians Association of Seattle recently partnered with us to provide headshot photo sessions for their members and also a day in the studio so that we could capture a collection of photos that they can use in their newsletter throughout the year. One request was that we photograph two ensembles: a Celtic trio and a woodwind duo. What incredibly interesting musicians! For the studio session they brought an eclectic collection of instruments including a Chinese stringed instruments and gorgeous historical wooden flutes. And then there was Quasimodo--a monster of a baritone sax that had been painted (long ago, by a previous owner) with shiny black automobile paint. We couldn’t believe its tone was so sultry!

We were initially told that there were two "clarinet players" coming over for photos. Imagine our surprise as they started unloading the collection seen below from their cars...


The next day we went to their office for the headshot sessions where we got to work with an eclectic mix of musicians.


Kim and I look forward to working with your and your organization soon. Call us at 206-547-5788 to set up your next photo session!