SANCA's Up With A Twist

Yes, You Can Fly!

Seattle is home to one of the greatest little schools I’ve ever heard of. SANCA  is the School of Acobatics & New Circus Arts. Founded by Jo Montgomery and Chuck Johnson in 2003, SANCA offers classes that teach fun. Along with the fun you learn confidence, you learn performance, you grow in many ways. But the only pressure is to have fun. You can get a better understanding than I can describe from this video:

Each year they hold a fundraiser at the Teatro Zinzanni tent called Up With a Twist and I’m lucky enough to be the photographer for these events. They raised over $120,000 this year! These gifts and contributions will directly support SANCA’s programs for youth, including providing need-based scholarships to low-income youth, working with at-risk youth in their Circus Outreach Program, working for youth with special needs, and the  Youth Performance Program.

Check out SANCA for yourself and learn to fly like Kim did!


You can find photographs from various SANCA events and shows in my galleries.

Thanks for taking a look!