Solstice Cyclists in Seattle

It is that time of year again for body paint and bicycles (and skateboards and skates)

For many years now the Summer Solstice Parade in fremont (Seattle) has been crashed by a growing number of body-painted (and sometimes naked) cyclists. The real parade is a wonderful spectacle put on by the Fremont Arts Council (who have nothing to do with the cyclists who take over the parade route for a short time before the actual parade starts).


For another many years I have set up a portable studio to capture the look and spirit of the riders once they are painted and on their way to their bicycles. I have no idea how many cyclists actually participate, as there are a number of private locations where people meet up to paint each other. I can only be in one place at a time, so present this gallery from one of the painting locations. I've seen estimates range from 700-1000+ riders. Here are only a very few of them.

After the portraits in the gallery I have also included some photos from the ride itself and the after party at Gasworks Park. Such a joy to see joyous naked non-sexualized dancing and frolicking through the park. It seems so natural to see the painted bodies casually strewn through the crowds with no one freaking out. After a while everyone blends in together into a beautiful scene. Wandering the neighborhood over the next couple of days is quite a let down as one notices all the painted bodies are missing.

How do you celebrate?