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Cafe Nordo Goes Western

It is that time of year again. I got an email from Erin Brindley and Terry Podgorski about creating new photos for Café Nordo. These are always fun, but often challenging sessions. I almost never know quite what I'm getting into until I show up on set for these photo sessions. But, did I mention fun?

This time the concept handed to me was "spaghetti western," and we set a date. The location selected was a favorite, the Georgetown Ballroom. Many people know the ballroom for events, shows, and parties. Few may also know that Jerry has a great storehouse of odd and ends that we call props. Need bottles? Barrels? A roadster car? Some musical instruments? Animal skulls? Taxidermy? Who knows what else. An amazing archive.

But back to the photos...

cafe nordo cornicello photography seattle performers

K.D. Schill provided the great costuming for Nordo regulars Max Davis, Opal Peachy, Mark Siano, Ray Tagavilla, and Evan Mosher. Ryan Higgins is the new addition. Tickets go on sale April 2 and the show opens in May in Seattle's Pioneer Square neighborhood.

Now its back to the Moisture Festival. That will keep me busy for another two weeks. Stop me to say Hi if you see me at a show.