Catching up with Iman Lizarazu

Check out Iman Lizarazu's finished website ~ it's beautiful!

See it at Iman Lizarazu

Earlier this year we showed some images from our photo session with Iman. And now we can show you how the photographs are being used.

A sample page from Iman's website

A sample page from Iman's website

Sometimes we create a large collection of photos for a client so that they have a variety of images to use over several web pages. It makes the website even more personal, and if you're in a relationship-based business (like real estate) the more connection you make with potential clients, the more they seem to know you and are likely to call.

Our "Portfolio Photo Packages" are very reasonably priced, and we're very happy to work with both your branding consultant and your web designer to get the images you need. Contact us for more information.

Kim and John


This week in the studio: Iman

The quietest characters speak the loudest


The Moisture Festival in Seattle brings together many great performers from around the world. One of my favorites has been Iman Lizarazu. Originally from the Basque region of France, Iman now lives in Santa Cruz, CA. I was lucky enough for both of us to have a few free minutes to spend together in the studio working on images for her web site.

Iman is a mime. A clown. A juggler. A dancer. An astrophysicist. An entrepreneur.  She has spent time on the Russian navy. She worked out with the Bolshoi Ballet (her father was the artistic director). She makes people smile. She makes people laugh. She is also a visual artist, creating mixed-media pieces. She hardly says a word (in her act, in person she is a great conversationalist with a fun accent).

I admire brevity of words, so I'll stop talking and show some photographs:

iman lizarazu seattle performance photography

A big thanks to Iman for working with us. Kim and I look forward to having you experience the magic of Cornicello Photography. Call or email to set up your photographic experience.

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