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This week in the studio: Sara Sparrow

Seattle Performance and Headshot Photography

Well, the studio has been so busy that we got behind on blogging, so this should rightfully be called Last Month in the Studio. Sara asked us to help with some new publicity photos. She has a new studio and teaching facility called The Aviary in Olympia, as well as continuing to do fantastic ensemble and solo performances around the Sound.


We met Sara years ago as a quirky, fun-loving waitress with a great hair style in a local Italian restaurant when she was truly new to the circus community. As we got to know her we talked about the Moisture Festival and SANCA. Soon, she was doing aerial work with the Aerialistas and developing her solo work (which she has since performed in the Moisture Festival). She was also performing some comical acro-balancing with fellow artist Graeme Quinn, which was our first opportunity to do studio photos with her. In the more recent years, she has collaborated with the innovative aerial groups Richochet and Levity, as well as performing with Teatro ZinZanni in Seattle. She is equally talented at both comic, physical pieces and beautifully performed aerial work. She is also an actor and singer. And a musician. Visit her website at

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Musician's Association of Seattle

A Wall of Woodwinds!

The Musicians Association of Seattle recently partnered with us to provide headshot photo sessions for their members and also a day in the studio so that we could capture a collection of photos that they can use in their newsletter throughout the year. One request was that we photograph two ensembles: a Celtic trio and a woodwind duo. What incredibly interesting musicians! For the studio session they brought an eclectic collection of instruments including a Chinese stringed instruments and gorgeous historical wooden flutes. And then there was Quasimodo--a monster of a baritone sax that had been painted (long ago, by a previous owner) with shiny black automobile paint. We couldn’t believe its tone was so sultry!

We were initially told that there were two "clarinet players" coming over for photos. Imagine our surprise as they started unloading the collection seen below from their cars...


The next day we went to their office for the headshot sessions where we got to work with an eclectic mix of musicians.


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Louie Foxx

This week in the studio...

Louie Foxx stopped by to show us some of his amazing magic tricks. Louie performs his one man side-show all over the country and was recently on America’s Got Talent. His infectious laugh really drew us in and we had a great time capturing a few quick moments of his fast-paced magic tricks. Daisy, his lovely performing partner, even seemed to enjoy posing for a few photos!


 In a quieter moment, we learned that Louie actually learned how to make his own leather bullwhips for his cowboy tricks from the same leathersmith that made bullwhips for Harrison Ford in the Indiana Jones movies. When we were all done in the studio, the floor was covered with brightly colored confetti. We left it there to enjoy a really fun shoot just a little longer!  Check out Louie’s website here:

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John & Kim

This week in the studio: barb

If you've ever enjoyed the Fremont Solstice Parade or taken out-of-town guests to see the Troll, give a little nod of thanks to Barb!


Barb has worked and collaborated with artists in Seattle for nearly 25 years. She brought the idea of a big community parade to Fremont in 1989 and the community has gathered annually to produce "profound street theater, public spectacle, and a kaleidoscope of joyous human expression" ever since! While Barb's expertise leads her to sit on the Boards of several arts organizations, and manage the art program for Sound Transit, you can still find Barb out and about with everyone during many of the arts events around Seattle.

We had a great time with Barb in the studio!  Email ( or call us when you're ready to visit our studio!