Complete Studio Lighting Setup For Sale

Einsteins have been sold. But I will have a lot of other equipment at the PCNW Swap Meet on September 8, 2018. Info at


Background Stands and Crossbar

This background stand is brand new, never been used. It consists of two light stands and a 4-piece cross bar that can be configured for different widths of background materials (5-, 7.5-, and 10-feet). I will include 3 cloth backgrounds: black, white, and green-screen. 

Price: $75 (plus sales tax in WA state)

Speedotron optical spotlight adapted for Einstein or Alien Bee flashes

This is a Speedotron branded Altman 30-55-degree optical spot light that has been modified with an Einstein/Alien Bee speed ring. This spotlight weighs close to 20 lbs and requires a heavy duty light stand, such as a C-stand. All of the gobo blades are clean and un-bent. Includes a cookie holder and 2 cookie patterns. 

Price $400 (plus sales tax in WA state). 


Sekonic Flash Meter L508

This is a well-worn used Sekonic Zoom Master L508 flash meter. This model includes a 1-degree spot meter. Unfortunately, the labels for the buttons have all worn off. But there are only a few buttons and you can learn them quickly. 

Price $250 (plus sales tax in WA state)

Email to john at cornicello dot com for more details or to arrange for purchase of any of these items.