Help-Portrait 2012

A few years ago celebrity photographer, Jeremy Cowart, started up a program called Help Portrait. The idea is that photographers, assistants, image editors, printers, etc. around the world would donate a day of photography to those in need. It could be at a homeless shelter, a senior center, a hospital, disaster relief centers. or wherever there was a place we could go in and help brighten the day.

I have been involved since it started via the local Seattle Chapter of Help-Portrait. Unfortunately, I can't show the photos of the families we have photographed, but I can show you some of our wonderful volunteers. I can tell you, though, that in the four events, I have personally photographed more than 135 families--65 of those photo sessions in one day in 2010. This year we had three photo stations set up with 4 or 5 photographers working them.


The photos above show just a few of the members of the team. Some had to leave before the day was over. Those of you in the Seattle photo community will recognize a few people in the group photo.

While I can't share the photos, I can share some experiences. We had grown ups there who had never had the chance to take a photo with Santa before. We had women who never had their hair or makeup done in the past. We sometimes handed our cameras over to the kids to have them take a photo of their mom. I even had one kid take my photo.

Very heartwarming to show the photos to someone who never thought they looked good enough to be photographed. Everyone we photographed yesterday got to walk away with a 4x6 print and will be getting more prints and enlargements delivered to them soon. Some of the printing is donated by local sponsors, but a lot of it is covered by the photography team. If you would like to donate a few dollars to the Seattle Help Portrait community they have a donation page on Paypal.

In addition to the folks who helped at the event, I'd like to give a big thanks to Glazer's Camera who generously donate equipment for the event. They supply us with backgrounds, heavy-duty light stands, apple boxes, and more each year.

Please consider joining in for Help-Portrait 2013. You have a year to prepare, and it doesn't take much. In addition to photographers we need image editors, greeters, hair and makeup artists, and child-care. You won't regret it.