Fine Endings

Well, the world didn't end last week. But the year is drawing to an end. 2012 was a really great year for me. I got to meet and work with a number of photographers who I greatly admired. I started the year with a class at creativeLIVE. I ended the year taking headshots of the wonderful people at creativeLIVE and with the Nutcracker.

In between, Kim joined me in the photo business to help with the business and publicity side of things. We have a new website. I'm considering new teaching new classes. We've launched our Celebrate You line of photography. Things continue to look good!

About this time of year I usually pull together a set of my favorite images from the past year. I still plan to do that, but for today, I gathered some of my favorite "end" photos from the past few years. Hope you enjoy these...


Til next time...