Photo Week References

A big thank you to everyone who tuned in to my light and lenses classes during Photo Week on creativeLIVE

I promised to post some links/references for the class on my blog. Here is the start of that. 

For online tutorials about a number of photography topics I recommend Camridge in Colour.  Sean McHugh has done a remarkable job on creating helpful, interesting, and interactive tutorials.

The book I mentioned is called The Visual Story by Bruce Block. Published by Bruce Block. Available at (This is an affiliate link, if you purchase from this link I might get a few cents). 

This book is written primarily for film and video and how to tell a story, use color, and the like. It also has great information on lenses and perspective. Appendix B is especially informative about lenses and depth of field. 

In the lighting class I mentioned that my favorite light modifier is the 60" Softlighter II from Photek. This is the "octa that goes to 10" with a 10 panel umbrella (more round than an 8 panel) that can be reflective or shoot through and it also has a diffuser to further soften the light. It is available from Adorama via  You can get more info on the Photek website.

Here is a list of a few more favorite books that are long out of print, but you might be able to find them in used book stores or online. These are great for basic reference about lenses, shutters, etc. Some of the info, especially about darkroom techniques, may be out of date. But the physics parts are all still good.

Pictorial Composition in Photography by Arthur Hammond (1920)

Introduction to Photography by Robert B. Rhode and Floydd H. McCall (1965, 1971, 1976) 

Elementary Photography by Neblette, Brehm, and Priest (1939) 

The Amateur Photographer's Handbook by Aaron Sussman (orig 1941, I have the 8th revised edition from 1973) 

Photographic Lenses and Shutters by Richard W. St. Clair (1940) 

Then there are older posts here in this blog. I posted more depth of field references a few posts back. And I have often written about lenses and perspective. I invite you to browse through the old posts.

Again a big THANKS to all of you and to the people at creativeLIVE for their encouragement and support. I'd especially like to thank the production crew in the booth and on the cameras for my class. I was getting great feedback and nods of encouragement from the camera guys. Thanks!

PS: Links to more books I mentioned (thanks for the reminder, Kate)... 

Gregory Heisler: 50 Portraits: Stories and Techniques from a Photographer's Photographer (coming out in October) 

Brian Smith: Secrets of Great Portrait Photography