Thanks for the Memory

With most new computers, especially laptops, not being equipped with a CD or DVD drive, I've been looking at other physical ways to supply large amounts of large files to clients. Many of them do not want them emailed or have to go through an upload/download from the cloud, so I have been moving to USB memory sticks. While looking for a vendor I was approached by USB Memory Direct to try their drives.

 "Curve" style memory sticks with 8-gig capacity

"Curve" style memory sticks with 8-gig capacity

They offer a wide variety of styles in various memory sizes (1-gig, 4-gig, 8-gig, etc.) for reasonable prices and offer custom logos or text on the drives. As memory prices do fluctuate, I suggest that if you are in the market for USB memory sticks you visit their site and get a free automated price quote. You can find the free quote link at 

I haven't tried it yet, but they also offer packaging for the memory sticks to make a nicer presentation for clients which you can see at

I just got my first order in a few days and everything looks great. The drives are individually packaged and I'm looking forward to distributing files to my clients on the new drives.