creativeLIVE home studio class

For those wondering, the purple item under my arm in the promo photo for my class at creativeLIVE coming up on January 10, 2012 is not a flotation device from a swimming pool. It is a roll of purple seamless paper. Yes, someone did ask...

It is interesting, sometimes challenging, to work in a home studio. Many years ago (around 1982-85 or so) I had a studio in New York City on 29th Street, between 7th and 8th Ave. Last September (2010) I got a chance to go back and visit that studio.

Paul Gelsobello, who I shared the space with back then, is still there. And it pretty much looks the same as when I was there, except for new windows and a white floor (it was gray back then). Here is a photo of Kim and I from that trip.

Good memories!

Looking forward to seeing you there!