Find the light!

One of the difficult concepts to me way back as a young photographer was to find the open shade for great portraits. I think part of the problem was another concept, to get in closer. I could find nice open shade, but there was usually some bright direct light in the background or crossing through the image. But I eventually caught on. Here are some "behind the scenes" photos from the Moisture Festival that I've been photographing the past few weeks. A few of these are outside in the sun, some are backstage, and two are taken in a very dark theater.

For this and the next photo, my subject was

in the theater, but next to a large

door that let in skylight.

Sort of makes a gigantic ring light

as the door is right behind me.

This and the next photo are of volunteers

working in the ticket booth outside the

venue lit by indirect skylight

This photo was taken backstage

using a lighted mirror behind me

as the light. Again, like a ring light

These last two photos were taken

in a different theater that was almost

totally dark except for some light sconces

way up near the ceiling. I had my subject

stand where the light was falling and

had her turn towards the light.