Introducing the Interfit Honey Badger studio flash head

Designed for the Fearless

This morning Interfit Photographic announced their new Honey Badger studio flash head. As a member of the Interfit CreativePro team I was able to get my hands on some of these just a few days in advance for testing. You can see my what's in the box video below.

Science Fiction theme using the 28" folding beauty dish.

On the job

I used the Honey Badger on an assignment this past Sunday for a new theatrical production. Unfortunately, those images are embargoed until the show is announced, so I cannot share them yet. But I did take my usual selfies on the set and can share those. We had two similar lighting set ups for a science-fiction themed photo session (hence the look of the first image, just minus the hair and makeup). The main light was a Honey Badger in an Interfit collapsible 28" beauty dish. For the "white" set there was a second Honey Badger on the floor behind the subject pointing at a white seamless backdrop and an Interfit S1 in a small strip box over head pointing straight down between the subject and the backdrop to help light up the backdrop and to add a little bit of hair/shoulder light on the subjects. I also had an eye-lighter in front of the subjects to add the interesting lower catch light in the eyes. For the "black" set everything remained the same except the background was changed to a black felt fabric and the light on the floor was turned off. I've included a photo using just the overhead back strip light on the black set so you can see what it was contributing to the photograph.

The hair and shoulder light by itself on a black background

After the session was done I sat in for a few more selfies with slightly different lighting. In one I replaced the beauty dish with another small strip bank for a more traditional looking portrait that didn't look as underlit as the theatrical photos. And for the last image I used the 24" square pop-up softbox that comes in the box with the Honey Badger. The differences in skin tone between the images comes from the use of different modifiers, and is not from the flash head itself. When using different modifiers you should do as I say, and not as I did, and create a custom white balance or use a Color Checker in one of the photos with each modifier to adjust the color when processing your raw files.

Using a small strip bank as the main light

On the white set with the 24" pop-up 

Using the 24" pop-up softbox as the main

 The new Honey Badger

The new Honey Badger

Easy to use

The control panel on the back of the flash head

The Honey Badger comes in this bright yellow color. It has an easy to use interface on the back with dedicated buttons for each function, no need to push multiple buttons to find the function you want to set. And the included softbox makes it a great starter kit. You will need to provide your own light stand. Or you can get a kit that includes 2 lights, 2 light stands, 2 softboxes, a remote controller/transmitter, and a carrying case. The Honey Badger also has a built-in remote receiver that works with the current Interfit S1 TTL remote transmitters (though the Honey Badger is not TTL) or with the new S1 Manual Remote trigger (purchased separately or comes with the 2-light kit). This allows you to control the functions of the flash head from your camera, such as changing the power setting and adjusting the modeling light (full, proportional, and off). The remotes also let you sets up different channels and control groups to let you control lamp heads individually in more complicated lighting setups.

The included softbox with both diffusion panels in place

Softbox included!

The flash head also comes with a 24" square pop-up softbox that folds up into a small pouch for storage or travel included in the purchase price. It features a double layer of diffusion and is easy to attach to the flash without the need for a speed ring, which you would normally need to attach other modifiers. The Honey Badger also has an industry-standard S-mount for those speedrings and other modifiers you might consider using. The light stand bracket has an opening for an 8mm umbrella shaft. The flash tube and 60-watt cool running LED modeling lamp are protected by a frosted glass diffusion dome covering them. This dome also helps the dispersal of the light to better fill modifiers like a beauty dish or a softbox. One of the switches on the back of the unit turns the flash off while keeping the daylight-balanced modeling lamp on in case you want to use it as a continuous light source for things like video.

Overall impression

 The Interfit S1 Universal Remote

The Interfit S1 Universal Remote

In the two or three days I've had to run this flash head through its paces I have been quite impressed. Lightweight, well built, attractive, and very easy to use. I was able to quickly integrate it into my lighting kit along side the Interfit S1 units.