QR Business Cards?

Its all about the relationship.

Kim recently told me that she met someone who was pushing to have QR codes replace headshot photos on business cards for their company. Ack!!! Even if I wasn't a photographer, I don't think I could go for that.

Its all about the relationship.

When I first saw a sample card my reaction was, "my, you're looking a bit pixelated these days..." Kim's reaction was "I think she looked better before the facelift."

Well, what do you think? Here are some sample business cards that feature a QR code and a head shot. Which one is going to leave a better impression on you? Which one do you think you will remember? Who do you want to do business with?

Remember, its all about the relationship.

Put a QR code on your business card? Sure! But put it on the back. Then contact me for the head shot to put on the front. Check out the rest of this site for more of my headshot and portrait photography.