seattle headshot photograph

One main light...

This past weekend I did a "marathon" photo session with eight models, one main light, a backdrop, and sometimes an accent light.


The one light was a Speedotron 202 head powered by a Speedo 805 pack placed in a Westcott Apollo Orb with a grid on it. The fill was a 4x6 foot white reflector. The backgrounds were Westcott's new X-drop background system. The dark one is called Eminence and the lighter one is called Saffron. In the bottom two images on Saffron I added another light on the background which was a speedlight aimed through a gobo which consisted of a piece of corrugated cardboard with three slits cut in it to break up the light from the flash. You can see the subtle effect of "light rays" on the background in those two images. The camera was the Canon 5D MkIII with the 24-105mm F/4L lens.

I really appreciated the quick setup of the X-drop frame and being able to quickly change out the fabric backdrops. For this session I had the two backdrops and simply hooked one onto the frame over the other instead of removing and replacing. This helped go back and forth quickly as different models came onto the set.

My only small issue with the X-drop is that it has to be set up a few feet in front of the wall to make room for the frame. This can be a little limiting in a small room. For this session I lucked out that there was a closet behind the backdrop so I was able to put the rear leg of the frame into the closet and push everything back to give is a little more room. For situations like that, though, the fabrics do have a rod pocket, so could be hung on a standard background support. But that does add weight to a traveling kit.

In case you were wondering, yes, the red dress in the upper right is made of balloons and was put together by Jami Krause.

Here's looking towards the holiday season and more fun themed photo sessions.

Thanks for watching!
John Cornicello